Watch What Happens When The Muslim Refugees Block The Road… This Is Chaos [VIDEO]


Democrats have gone above and beyond to position Islam as a “religion of Peace.” While we’re not arguing with the fact that some Muslims are peaceful, it’s a blatant lie to claim that no Muslim migrants have the intention to force the West to submit to Sharia law. All we need to do is look to Europe to see how their open-door policy is manifesting.

According to reports from The Gateway Pundit, Muslim migrants in the Netherlands took to rioting after the Dutch government blocked Turkey’s foreign minister from entering the Turkish consulate in Rotterdam. Footage shows migrants block traffic and terrorizing passengers on a bus, furious that they are not getting their way.

This comes after the Netherlands allowed hundreds of thousands of Muslim refugees to flow into their country. Make no mistake: with numbers comes power. We’re already seeing incidents of migrants trying to force the country to submit to Sharia.

What do you think? Is it time for liberals to start acknowledging this as a real threat?

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