TERROR IN TEXAS – CNN Won’t Cover This…

Police were recently called to Piedras Negras, a northern city that borders Eagle Pass, Texas, after a body of a man was found near a soccer field.

Breitbart reported that police said the victim was a man about 30-years of age who was shot in the head and taken to the field. His body was found next to a poster board with a narco message signed by one of the warring factions of Los Zetas, announcing their arrival to Piedras Negras. The message hinted to a spike in violence in the coming days with the claimed arrival of the group, and this violence could easily spill over to Texas.

This comes after Los Zetas fractured into a series of factions, including Cartel Del Noreste (CDN), which traffics both drugs and illegal aliens into the U.S. The CDN is known to fight with Vieja Escuela Z or “Old School Z,” and now also with the faction “Grupo Bravo”, which currently calls themselves only “Z.”

It’s these kind of criminal illegal aliens that Donald Trump is trying to keep out of the U.S. Liberals like to forget the disturbing level of violence that plagues northern Mexico. If we aren’t careful, this violence may soon spill over the U.S. border…

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