SNL IS SCREWED! Last Night They Hit Trump Below The Belt In A Video That’ll Ruin Them…

SNL isn’t funny. It’s a joke but nobody is laughing anymore. They only make jokes about Trump – because sadly it’s the only thing that keeps them relevant. SNL started the show with Alec Baldwin’s impersonation of Trump.

The earth is being invaded by aliens from the planet Zorblat 9. Watch this stupid 5-minute skit. I’ll give you a test. I bet you won’t laugh the entire time.

They are trying to make Trump seem weak. The best part about SNL is that most liberals get their news from this – a not funny comedy show.

The messed up part is when they try to say that Trump is racist. It’s underhanded and frankly disgusting. It’s sad that they had to stoop this low.

Then Trump was told that aliens had vaporized the state of California to everyone in the audience laughed. Look how people responded online:

Liberals loved it.


Conservatives hated it. Whats new?

Then SNL went too far and alluded that Trump still ahs ties to Russia. They suggest that he has conflicts of interest that go beyond planet earth.

I’ll let Ginger McQueen from the Beltway Times teach these liberals a message:

Keep the SNL boycott going. Together we will get this crappy show turned off.

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Thanks for reading, patriots. SNL is going to regret going so hard against Trump.

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