Sean Hannity Just Put Traitor GOPs On Notice For What They Did To Trump, They’re Screwed


It’s truly crazy how Republicans have a majority in the House and Senate, plus the Supreme Court once Neil Gorsuch is confirmed, and yet some spineless traitor Republicans are still dragging their feet when it comes to helping President Donald Trump pass his much-needed conservative reforms.

Fox News host Sean Hannity is sick and tired of observing these timid Republicans in inaction, and he just blasted them a with a fierce message about what they need to be doing. Said Hannity, “President Trump gets it. He wants to move quickly. He wants to get things done. Where are the Republicans in Congress to help him?”

Continued Sean, “In the real world, you don’t do your job and do it well, you’re gonna get fired. So how is it possible that President Trump, he’s accomplished so much in such a short amount of time, and his so-called Republican allies in Congress have done nothing?”

He added, “You spineless, gutless, timid politicians. (The Republicans) have all three. They have the White House, the Senate, and the House. What’s their excuse now?” Sean put his foot down, saying, “Tonight, it’s time to put a marker in the sand. I’m putting the GOP on notice.”

He concluded, “No more excuses, no more explanations. Go to work, roll up your sleeves, and do your job! There’s no excuse for not having a plan to repeal and replace Obamacare; there’s no excuse for not having a tax cut plan; there’s no excuse for not having a plan so that we become energy independent, or having a plan to reduce the size and influence of government. You have … everything you asked the American people for for years.” Do you agree with Hannity?


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