President Trump Makes MAJOR Annoucement About Sheriff David Clarke

The plans the U.S. President has are definitely going to get the Leftists upset. Donald Trump has announced a new probable federal representative.

As Politico reports, the U.S. President’s choice for a seat in the Department of Homeland Security is no one other than David Clarke, Milwaukee Country Sheriff.

From the very beginnings, up to now, Clarke has always been backing Trump up. Last summer, he gave a speech at the Republican National Convention and in November, he had the chance to shake the President’s hand at Trump Tower.

As a senior administration authority has stated, the Clarke could be the next assistant DHS secretary, but it is not official since it is “not a done deal yet”

This position does not have to be permitted by the Senate.

David was criticized lately regarding his department’s link with the 2016 death of Terril Thomas, a prisoner at the Milwaukee County Jail.

The reason Thomas was found dead was determined to be dehydration since the guards had stopped the water from flowing to his lock-up.

Clarke did not have an intention of giving any answers regarding Thomas’ death but rather blamed the media for reporting nothing in terms of Clarke’s bad health condition and the violations he had made – which got him to prison at first place.

This is not the first case of this prison having troubles with the law. One lady has also started a case against the jail since she was not provided support as she got pregnant.

She accuses the correctional facility of the death of her child.

Scott walker, Wisconsin Gov, stated that Clarke won’t lose his job, despite the activities happening in his department.

We are definitely talking about a controversial figure here. He is running as a Democrat in a mainly Democratic country, having a loyal and lawful ideology.

Despite him being African-American, he openly accused the Black Lives Matter movement to be responsible for the killing of police officers.

Despite that, he also publicly spoke last year regarding the protests in Milwaukee, criticizing “the questionable lifestyle choices” of the locals

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