Obama Desperately Wants To Hide This 48sec Video Released by Donald Trump – LIBERALS ARE FURIOUS

EVERY AMERICAN HAS TO WATCH THIS VIDEO! Donald Trump was right all along, people! The mainstream media would never ever post video like the one below, but of course, they want to hide the truth.

Listen to the confession of an imminent Doctor and decide for yourself- WAS OBAMACARE A HUGE MISTAKE AND TOTAL WASTE?

Trump started out the day today by blasting the out-of-touch media for their coverage of Obamacare. They seem clueless as to how many people have been hurt by increased premiums, fewer choices of doctors and hospitals to use, and just the overall fact that, as one expert put it… it’s in a death spiral!

They are so desperate to preserve Obama’s legacy that they will say anything about it to keep it from being repealed and replaced.

Today, the Trump White House put out a brief video featuring Dr Robin Armstrong, a doctor and also the husband of a wife who is a breast cancer survivor.

As a man who’s seen Obamacare from both sides of the issue — as a doctor and also supporting his wife — he gives his first hand account of the destruction Obamacare has cost in the lives of patients. He even tells of people he knows who have completely lost their coverage because their premiums went up so much.The video is posted below and definitely worth watching here because you definitely won’t see it on the mainstream media anytime soon.

H/T Conservative Brief

Donald Trump is most certainly going to improve the standard of our citizens and enable affordable health insurance. Obama and his little can not sabotage this law. Americans suffer because of the bad government policy of our former president. America deserves better, and fear not- everything is going to be fixed as soon as possible.


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