Obama Connections EXPOSED In Terror Attack In Egypt

Radical Islamic terrorism via the Muslim Brotherhood strikes again, these days in Egypt. We need to put an END to these animals!

The two strikes took place at separate Coptic Christian churches in Egypt. The first strike happened at St. George in the city of Tanta. The outcome of the bombing are the deaths of 44 people and a 100 more wounded. (via Fox News).

Barack Obama really helped overthrow the government in Egypt, and he backed the terrorist Muslim Brotherhood group. It was they who destroyed the country and transformed it into an apocalyptic hell pit. The fault rests almost entirely on his shoulders.

Reports indicate how much harm was caused inside the church. Covered dead bodies were scattered all through the building, rubble and blast damage is evidently visible. This disgusting attack was just the first of two that happened on Sunday.

The second terrorist attack against harmless Christian happened at St. Mark’s Cathedral in Alexandria. The strike was caused by a suicide bomber. The strike happened as soon as Pope Tawadros II completed his services. He pulled through this situation untouched. Sadly, 17 people were found dead by this attack and 48 were wounded.

ISIS has accepted responsibility for the attacks. According to The Associated Press, there were 3 police officers that died due to the attacks. How many innocent people must lose their lives before we put our foot down and SQUASH the backbone of ISIS.

It seems like the strikes were organized around the beginning of the “Holy Week” that leads up to Easter. It is nauseating to think that they would take this HOLY possibility to cause harm to others.

President Trump sent a message to the people of Egypt, and the globe, when he took to his Twitter page right after the attacks. He said, “So sad to hear of the terrorist attack in Egypt. U.S strongly condemns. I have great confidence that president Al-Sisi will handle the situation properly.”

 It is a tragic situation, but amazing to see our president stepping up to let the world know that he is watching very carefully as these events develop. These attacks are just two in a series of latest attacks that seem to be targeting the Christian population of Egypt. We are pleased to see that there are so many people on the side of good in these crazy times. There is one person that needs to be seen as the reason, or at best, the fuel for these situations. The particular person in question is the ex- president, Obama.

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