Muslim Mayor Who Outlawed Christmas Removed From Office

Having the mayor of a sovereign suburb of Dearborn, Michigan removed from office isn’t something the average person could hope to accomplish. Especially if that mayor was a Muslim under all the protections afforded to them by Obama’s phone and pen.

President Trump isn’t an average person. He’s an extremely talented businessman and negotiator. So when he came up with the plan to remove Rahadi al Shatir from the Mayor’s Office of Blairsville, Michigan, his loyal staff and supporters stepped up or stepped out of the way.

New White House OIP Director Art Tolbuls explains:

“The federal government has no control over elected officials at that level. What it does have control over is line-drawing. By having Mike Pence pull some strings and request a slight change in Indiana’s border, Michigan became part of a mapping project authorized by Congress in 1826.

In re-drawing the state to accomodate the new border request, expanding Indiana 6 feet into the river for 100 yards, Blairsville was eliminated and consumed by the county seat for lack of federal contributions. The population may be 57 percent Muslim, but they pay the taxes of a town 1/10th their size. They will now be a part of the City of Minoscet.”

The Mayor and residents of Blairsville filed an immediate injunction with the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals but were shut down until Tuesday. As of right now, Christmas is back on for ALL of Michigan.

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