MAJOR CORRUPTION EXPOSED – Social Security Scandal SHAKES Washington…

Society Security has been among the most fortified programs in US history. Established by President Roosevelt over 80 years ago, the program developed to help Americans when the time comes for retirement has been abused and taken advantage of for generations.

Americans who had paid out into the system throughout their lives often have problems getting benefits when they retire. In the meantime immigrants and others who haven’t acomplished anything are able to withdraw from SS since day one from entering the country.

Presidents have worked hard to change the system, to reduce the burden it will leave to future generations, but have frequently been denied by liberal lawmakers.

Today the Social Security program is in big demand for help and reform. President Trump has promised to protect the benefits of both Social Security and Medicaid, but modifications are still needed.

The latest news have flooded America revealing a controversy you wish was made up rumors. Rather, it has actually confirmed the huge problems SS faces and the challenges Trump is confronted with.

Via Right Wing News:

An audit discovered that the Social Security Administration paid out more than $1 billion in benefits to individuals that don’t have social security numbers – or, individuals that should not have the opportunity to get benefits at all. The government’s documentation of “representative payees,” or individuals who receive benefits in someone else’s name incapable of handling their affairs, was obviously massively flawed.

Through the last 10 years, the SSA has paid out $1 billion to 22,426 representative payees who didn’t own a social security number and who the SSA did not stick to its policy to get a black and white application from. “[U]nless it takes corrective measures, we calculate that SSA will pay about $182.5 million in benefits, every year, to representative payees who do not have an SSN or paper application backing their selection,” the inspector general stated.

This shocking amount of cash going to unwarranted beneficiaries proves that under Obama, there was virtually no oversight to ensure that taxpayer dollars went to the right places. Even the smallest amount of accountability could have caught these kinds of glaring errors.

It’s unfortunate to think of all the hard-working Americans, who worked hard for years to feed their families, paying into the Social Security program, who are now denied fundamental benefits due to these abuses. On the other hand, strangers and non-citizens are getting a billion dollars worth of support.

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