First Sanctuary City About To Fall! It’s FINALLY Starting To Happen, America!

Joseph Turner is an average guy with a deep love and respect for the United States.

His home is California and he has been seeing some very strange and unsettling things that he feels require action.

In Cudahy, less than two weeks ago, a city council meeting was called, but for Latinos only.

When others showed up, a complete chaotic scene ensued where White residents were being told to “go back to Europe.” It’s called racism and liberals are actually encouraging it.

Hypocrisy is what these people DO.

But interestingly, Turner has a grassroots group that is filing an initiative under Proposition 218 as a utility tax repeal against Cudahy. The goal? To get the town to drop its “sanctuary city” status.

Turner is convinced that his style of approaching these Sanctuary Cities is worthwhile and effective.


Turner told the local Fox11 News that his effort could ‘attack 13.5 percent of their revenue base’ for a mere ‘couple hundred bucks and less than a hundred signatures.’

He told Breitbart News that by filing under 218 he only needs to gather 62 signatures from Cudahy voters.

It could take 3-4 weeks before signature gathering begins, but once it does Turner will have 180 days to gather the 62 Cudahy voter signatures.

Turner founded the group American Children First after Donald Trump won the 2016 presidential election, according to the organization’s website.

The site states, ‘He recognized the short window of opportunity that exists to ensure that promises made on the issues of illegal, border security, and trade are kept.‘”

Turner’s plan is to continue to replicate the initiative effort in other California sanctuary cities.”

This reminds me of when the Tea Party had many different Conservative groups applying for tax-exempt status for groups dedicated to defeating Obama initiatives. Too bad Obama got in the way.

But anyway, this news is a great sign, especially as it occurs shortly after Texas implemented strict new laws regarding illegal immigration, and how authorities enforce the law.

Yep, things are definitely changing, and for the better. Thank you, President Trump!


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