Judge Jeanine Pirro In Trouble After Exposing Too Much

Judge Jeanine Pirro the popular among conservatives host of her show Judge Jeanine Pirro is known for her big support and president Donald Trump and her personal characteristic of hitting people with the truth straight to their face, without any resistance. That is why she is one of the most popular hosts on TV shows in the United States.

She’s been working with FNC ever since 2006 and being a legal analyst is somehow like a second job to her. That also has an important role in creating the program of her show, because she often talks about the legal aspects of every important events that are happening in the world of the legal matters. We are talking about the same shows that made former president Barack Obama lose his mind when he gets in Pirro’s mouth.

This time, Pirro decided to talk about the scandalous shooting of Jesse Harnett 33, a Philadelphia Police Officer who was ambushed while sitting peacefully in the patrol car he drove, and the massive shooting that occurred in San Bernardino in California. The connecting spot between these two incidents is that they are both executed by radical Islamic Terrorists. At the start of the show, during her opening monolog, Pirro took quite an aggressive approach and started criticizing all of these events that occurred in the United States and all the Western World, made by the radical Islamic terrorists. She also pointed the fact that Barack Obama and the terrorists are working on the same side because while he was the President of the United States, he did not to anything to prevent events like these from happening in near future. That is Judge Jeanine Pirro for you. Always on the spot and always defending the truth, unlike those who work for the liberal media and their agenda.

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