Judge Andrew Napolitano slams 9th Circus (yes, circus) Ruling on President Trump’s Immigration Order

9th Circuit court upholds ruling blocking President Trump’s immigration order. Judge Andrew Napolitano just responded with this harsh criticism:

On “Special Report” tonight, Judge Andrew Napolitano said this was “precisely the wrong thing for the court to do.”
He explained that the Constitution assigns the decision-making for foreign policy exclusively to the president, with even Congress taking a supporting role.
“The decision to ban is not reviewable,” Judge Napolitano said. “This is an intellectually dishonest piece of work that the 9th Circuit has produced tonight, because it essentially consists of substituting the judgment of three judges for the president of the United States, when the Constitution unambiguously gives this area of jurisdiction – foreign policy- exclusively to the president.”

Read more: (Link: insider.foxnews.com)

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