It’s HAPPENING! Trump Just Kicks THOUSANDS Of Illegal Leeches To The Curb After Finding What They Were Secretly Hiding

The deportation clock is ticking and criminal illegal immigrants are scurrying like roaches to cover their tracks. They’re secretly hiding in our country, doing something so terrible that every tax paying citizen will be happy when the government deports them.

It’s so bad that their own country won’t want them back because they’ll do the same damn thing there and EVERYONE is sick of the leech mentality.

We can’t bomb these human roaches with RAID, but President Trump can casually relocate the thieving creeps who are harrow our system with their leechesque behavior.

While it should not have happened, it might be a good thing that two documents detailing future executive orders were leaked out of the White House. It might give these roaches a heads up and notice to pack up and leave on their own before wasting our money getting rid of them.


The first draft order proclaims that, ‘Our immigration laws must be enforced in a manner that achieves the goal of protecting taxpayers and promoting self-sufficiency.’

It notes that there is a policy in place to deny entry to the U.S. to anyone who might become a ‘public charge,’ but adds that the past few administration did not enforce the policy.

The executive order would also put in place a policy to identify and remove – ‘as expeditiously as possible’ – any ‘alien’ who has become a ‘public charge,’ as long as that person is subject to removal. Finally, the new policy would compel the sponsors of immigrants to pay back the cost of any benefits received to American taxpayers.

The draft second executive order aims to eliminate ‘this jobs magnet’ that is promoting illegal immigrants to come over the border, while also curbing legal immigration that’s not in ‘the national interest.’

The order’s goal is to make the country’s immigration system ‘more merit based.’

As you can see, President Trump is tired of illegal immigrants milking the system of free welfare benefits. I’m not even sure how they’re getting benefits if they’re illegals, but I’m sure they’re living in cities ruled by democrats.

Donald Trump is tired of seeing our homeless citizens suffer while illegal immigrants suck the well dry for every cent they can get.

He wants to identify and remove every illegal immigrant who smuggled themselves into America for the sole purpose of getting welfare.

I know hard working Americans who live check to check and are always looking for the next best job and I hate seeing them live like that when these system leeches are just chilling at home watching Dr. Phil and not working a day in their life.

Trump wants our taxes spent on US, not illegals, and he’s putting his big Presidential foot down.

He would put his big hands down, but everyone knows he’s got those little tiny hands.

Former Presidents Clinton and Obama both talked about strengthening the borders and pushing forward with stronger immigration laws. Trump is following through with it

Look forward for four to eight years of BOOT stomping by the POTUS and our tax money being spent on OUR people.

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