Greg Gutfeld Crosses The Line With Naughty Comment About Kimberly Guilfoyle

On a recent episode of The Five, liberal co-host Bob Beckel went on an insecure rant, lashing out at his colleagues. He even went as far as criticizing Kimberly Guilfoyle for wearing dresses that show her legs.

“Instead of cutting every fact I’ve got and just saying, and laughing it off, because it’s you know, it’s four to one as it is,” Beckel began. “You might want to take some facts you don’t like because a lot of them have to do with—“

“All right, look at this—waah, waah, crybaby. Call your camp counselor,” Guilfoyle jumped in.

“Poor Bob, no,” Dana Perino added.

“Call your dressmaker, I mean—“ Bob said to Guilfoyle.

“And give him a raise, that’s what I’m saying,” Guilfoyle laughed. “That’s what I’m saying.

 “You are giving America a raise,” Gutfeld joked.

Of course, the joke did not go over well with liberals who are already after Fox News. What do you think? Was Greg just being funny, or did he take things too far?

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