Gowdy Just DESTROYED Muslims’ Dreams With Truth Bomb About What’s Coming Next For Them

Republican Representative Trey Gowdy has never been one to mince words or care about people’s feelings. Like our new president, he’s focused on taking care of business, getting the country back on track, and most of all, ensuring citizens are safe. It was with this last purpose in mind that he dropped a blistering truth bomb on Muslims who are still pissed about the travel ban, but what’s coming next is going to hurt even worse.

Gowdy is a known Constitutionalist and has never been quiet about that fact along with his support for immigrants and responsible immigration. His stance on the matter has earned him respect from politicians even on the other side of the political aisle. So, as the outrage of the temporary immigration ban, wrongfully referred to as a “Muslim ban,” blazes on in Washington, some politicians against it thought they would have his support considering what he’s previously stood for but they couldn’t have been more wrong.

In what’s arguably the best response on the matter, Gowdy layed it out that this isn’t about Muslims or not wanting people from other countries to come to America. This is about being smart in doing what’s necessary to keep citizens safe and not ignoring that terrorism is real and protecting people from it take precedence over incoming Muslims feelings.

In a written statement, Gowdy spoke of our great history of welcoming immigrants but the need to balance that by providing proper defense of the nation. We don’t need to weaken our nation and ignore the ideals and our country’s history by welcoming every unvetted immigrants.


He explained that it’s logical not to proceed with a vetting process that hasn’t worked and immigration will be re-opened once this practice has been fine-tuned. Muslims who have nothing to hide, have nothing to worry about as the revised vetting process will be designed to keep those will ill intent or potential for it, out of our nation.

Makes perfect sense and Gowdy completely nailed it. Liberals are too moronic and upset about not getting their way to see the clear logic and concern for safety in Trump’s plan. They would rather make this about the man they hate than even their own protection. After two terms of passivity and destruction, we’ve become a weak nation who has forgotten what’s really important to focus on making sure nobody is offended.

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