After Gorsuch Confirmation, President Trump Is Choosing The Next Supreme Court Pick

While Donald Trump was still in the race for the Oval Office, he was trying to prove one point to the “Never Trump” Republicans that they will either elect him or choose Hillary and deal with her justice system. Trump’s plan proved effective since he is now the President.

Recently, Hugh Hewitt, a conservative radio host, penned down an article for The Washington Examiner titled, “It’s the Supreme Court, Stupid.”

“If Hillary Clinton wins, the Left gavels in a solid, lasting, almost certainly permanent majority on the Supreme Court,” he noted. “Every political issue has a theoretical path to SCOTUS, and only self-imposed judicial restraint has checked the Court’s appetite and reach for two centuries.”

The appointing of Supreme Court Justices was one of the principal issues during the presidential campaign because there was an empty slot after the death of conservative Justice Antonin Scalia. Within hours after Scalia’s death, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell declared that Scalia’s slot will not be filled by an Obama appointee and that it will instead wait till a new president was elected.

Mitch’s gambit was effective. Barack Obama’s appointee, Judge Merrick Garland, was not appointed and Trump eventually defeated Hillary. President Trump picked Judge Gorsuch and, thanks to the Republican majority in the Senate that decided to trigger the nuclear option that will have Neil confirmed on Monday.

As early as April 13, Neil could be included in his first private conference, where justices make decisions whether to accept certain cases including rights to carry firearms, voting rights, and a bakery in Colorado’s refusal to make a cake for homosexuals’ wedding.
 However, as Neil becomes accustomed in his new environment, Supreme Court observers are going over the possibility of Trump picking additional justices. Now the court is older than any other before it. Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Anthony Kennedy, and Stephen Breyer are 84, 80, and 78, respectively.

The confirmation of judge Neil Gorsuch was a fierce fight. Mitch McConnell was fiercely attacked for deciding to activate the nuclear option. Senator Chuck Schumer remarked that there was no motive for appointees to even talk to the minority now.

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