Girl is RAPED by Muslims at Her School – Then Gets Sicker Surprise Next Day

An innocent Canadian high school dance turned sour after two Muslim “refugees” cornered and sexually assaulted a 14-year-old girl, yet that was just the beginning.

The student was obviously traumatized by the event, but in a horrendous display of political correctness, the school staff ignored the victim and offered their protection and sympathy to the Muslim rapist. The vice principal worried the Muslim would “become a target in our student population once the rumor mill [got] going,” via The Daily Caller.

 The rapist received a meager one week suspension — while the victim, who was groped by the breasts and genitals, will have to deal with the trauma for the rest of her life.
Thankfully, the freshman’s friends were nearby, and they were able to rescue the girl before the attack could escalate further. The school’s first reaction to the assault was to offer excuses for the Muslim boy’s actions.
 The school blamed the victim for her revealing clothing, arguing that Muslims are used to full body coverings. They also excused this assault as the result of cultural differences. I guess this is a matter of cultural differences. In the West, our culture demands we treat women with dignity and respect! Muslim cultures encourage the rape of “infidels,” and some Muslim countries do not even consider it a crime.

If cultural differences result in the rape of 14-year-old girls, then it is time we admit that our cultures are not compatible. We should not be forced to change our clothing and our customs to accommodate these barbarians. They can either assimilate or stay home in their failed countries.

The victim’s mother is obviously outraged. The school staff originally tried to ignore the incident and avoided talking to the victim’s mother. Police were contacted, but the police appear to be unwilling to charge the Syrian refugee. Apparently, Canadian police are more committed to Sharia law than Canadian law.

The Canadian high school has accepted a large number of Muslim refugees, and it is now dealing with the consequences. “We’ve had a few incidents of inappropriate touching/sexual assault,” said Robyn Allen, another of the school’s vice principals.

This attack should act as a warning to all Americans. This event is becoming typical. We now have multiple examples of Muslim invasions destroying small communities under the auspices of “aiding refugees.” The warnings of Malmö in Sweden, Rotherham in England, and now New Brunswick in Canada need to be heeded before it is too late.

The necessity of President Trump’s travel ban should now be obvious. We cannot allow unvetted Muslims from failed nations to invade and assault our girls next.



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