Newt Gingrich Calls For Seth Rich Murder Investigation

Seth Rich was a man who was seeking for the truth and wanted everybody to know the truth. Apparently, there are new discoveries every day that suggest something suspicious was involved in his death. Everyone knows that Hillary Clinton is a deceitful person and it seems like she might be involved. Even though Hillary lost the election she is still has a power.

As we can see she would do everything in her power to be o top. That’s why is so hysterical that she lost. W e know that liberals would do anything for her even kill a man.

Newt Gingrich is here to help, he wants the truth and he cannot be stopped. Is been a long time since we had a Republican standing up against this kind of issues. Gingrich is one of the rear Republicans that have stood by Trump.

“W e have this very strange story now of this young man who worked for the Democratic National Committee, who apparently was assassinated at 4 in the morning, having given W ikiLeaks something like 53,000 emails and 17,000 attachments,” Gingrich explained.

“Nobody’s investigating that, and what does that tell you about what’s going on? Because it turns out, it wasn’t the Russians. It was this young guy who, I suspect, was disgusted by the corruption of the Democratic National Committee. He’s been killed, and apparently, nothing serious has been done to investigative his murder. So I’d like to see how Robert S. Mueller III is going to define what his assignment is.”

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