Donald Trump ‘picks Goldendoodle as his White House pet…and he’s named it Patton after the legendary WWII general’

President-elect’s son Barron, 10,  ‘fell in love’ with the pooch when he saw a picture of the dog at a Thanksgiving event

THE Trump family could be getting a new addition for their move into the White House, in the shape of a new pooch.

At present they are not known to have any animals in their entourage, which would make the billionaire the first president to move in without a pet in 150 years.

 Patton, the Presidential puppy Lois Pope is presenting to President-Elect Trump Photo by Chris Salata/Capehart Copyright 2016

However, Lois Pope, who has known Trump for 20 years is trying to change that thanks to her Goldendoodle.

A philanthropist, in Palm Beach, Florida, she has written to the President-elect to notify him of a nine-week-old golden retriever and poodle mix who she is looking after.

Pope, who advocates for veterans’ and animal causes, said in an interview on Tuesday she had also showed Trump a photo of the pooch when she attended a Thanksgiving event at his Mar-a-Lago home.

Speaking to the Washington Post she recalled: “He said, ‘Go over there and show it to Barron,’”

“He said, ‘He’s going to fall in love with him.’ He said, ‘Barron will want him.’”

Barron, Trump’s 10-year-old son was delighted to see the pooch.

Pope said when she showed him the photo he had a “big smile” on his face and the picture brought “tears to his eyes.”

But Pope said she was confident that the Trumps would have the pup.

He has been named Patton after George Patton, the World War II general Trump has previously said he admires.

She said: “I’m sure. Every president has a first dog. It goes with the presidency.”

A spokesman for Trump, Hope Hicks, told the Washington Post on Tuesday “no decisions have been made” about the dog.

Their are currently two pets in residence at the White House – Sunny and Bo who are Portuguese water dogs.

The pair have become stars in their own right, and have their social calendar managed by the First Lady herself – Michelle Obama.

She told the New York Post everyone wants to see the pets and get pictures with them: “I get a memo at the beginning of the month with a request for their schedules, and I have to approve their appearances.”

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