It looks like every time you turn around, you’re hearing about yet another repugnant cover-up on the part of the leftists. Which is why nobody was shocked when the White House disclosed yesterday they had “enormous evidence” of voter fraud in major U.S. elections. Progressives have been doing stuff like this for years.

And then there’s the standard progressive cry of “global warming.” Yeah, well, that too has been collapsing in recent weeks thanks to new leaks and information. As for the person who helped kick off this crazy crusade…

You pretty much feel that even if Al Gore made a statement tomorrow that global warming has all been a huge fraud, the media would spend years tarnishing the reputation of the ex-Vice President and portraying him as a radical know-nothing who flew around in air-polluting jets.

Furthermore, they would spend as much time assembling in every “scientist” who needed the media exposure and government grant money to declare the validity of the reality of climate change and the mental volatility of Al Gore.

Here’s more from Allen B. West:

“Earlier this week Christiana Figueres, a Costa Rican-born diplomat who was nominated for Secretary-General of the United Nations, served as Vice-President of the Bureau of Climate Convention in 2008-2009, and the UN’s Climate Chief since 2010, was the Executive Secretary of the UN Framework on Climate Change (UNFCCC), and who is credited for what globalists view as a ‘successful conclusion’ to the Paris global warming talks last December.

At a news conference in Brussels, Figueres admitted — with cameras rolling and microphones recording — that the notion of man-made global warming is largely a conspiracy set in play by the UNFCCC, of which she is the Executive Secretary.

The UNFCCC doesn’t have the end goal of environmental activism in an effort to save the world and mankind from some looming ecological disaster(s), but rather has, as its mission, the destruction of capitalism.“

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