BREAKING: Trump Just Made The Best Decision Of His Presidency

President Trump has been scrutinized for some of his cabinet picks not just by Democrats but by some Republicans as well. Sean Spicer, for example, is turning out to be a whiny, spineless complainer who invents his own facts if it serves to save face, even at Trump’s expense.

The inauguration, for example, was a large event that Trump could be proud of, because as a largely unpopular candidate with ties to white supremacists and undeniable relationships with big business, the crowd was still pretty large. Much bigger than any of his massive rallies, and that’s saying something. Spicer stood in front of the world and told them it had more views than the moon landing to cover up the fib that it was the most watched inauguration of all time. It was sad and unnecessary. Trump is the greatest President the world has ever known and doesn’t need large crowds and other things to prove it.

Like it matters. Trump is in charge now and as he’s shown in his very first week, he doesn’t even need congress. He’s a one man lawmaking machine who has signed more executive orders in a week than that pathetic Obama did in his first 100 days. People who stand in his way get fired and when these governors who object to the way the country is being run don’t fall in line they’ll be staring down the barrel of a tank as their state is re-taken by the federal government.

To lessen the burden on Spicer, who also reports to Trump’s personal social media liaison, Jeff, the president has opened a new non-cabinet position in his administration to make sure that the dissemination of information happens properly and exactly how he wants it told. In what is by far his best hiring decision yet, Trump has brought former governor and media mogul Sarah Palin on as his new Propaganda and Information Coordinator.

Jeff told a reporter from the Post:

“Information will go to the people after it’s been put through a rigorous vetting process to make sure the people are getting exactly what President Trump wants them to hear — no more, no less.”

There you have it. There will be no more fake news coming from CNN’s interpretation of things the President says. He will, instead, read his thoughts again later and have Governor Palin send out the official version of what was in his heart and the spirit of his words.

If only we could have had him years ago. God Bless you President Trump.

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