BREAKING: After Trump Bombed Syria Putin Refuses Friendly Situation With America

In his 77 th day of the First World War and the American involvement in the 100-year anniversary of Donald Trump has ordered a missile attack on Syrian military airfield, where the US intelligence data, take off those planes, which have carried out a chemical attack. As the majority of its actions, the 45th President of the purge of his compatriots in the opinion.
Ordinary Americans are its chief rally behind, also scenes depicting the chemical gas from the drowned children are in the same reaction as the Trump,

who made a statement before the cameras trembling voice made “when you kill innocent little children, you are crossing the line, a lot of tsit L line! “Trump – an impulsive and his announcement, expected to lead to decisive action was.

Republican politicians, particularly senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham, a rocket Sturm met with enthusiasm.

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