BREAKING: President Trump Puts An End To Snowflake Protesters Once And For All

Protesters have been a staple of freedom in America from our very beginning. The right to peacefully assemble is even guaranteed in the constitution. But when protesters turn into what they have become since President Trump was sworn in, something has to be done.

 These people aren’t assembling to express their opinions about government, they’re openly defying the orders and wishes of the man the American people elected in a landslide the likes of which had never been seen before. Donald Trump has a mandate from the people, with more than 80 percent of Americans on his side on every issue.

The protesters, therefore, aren’t exercising a constitutional right, they’re speaking out with treasonous intent and getting violent in the streets of our cities. That being the case, President Trump had no choice but to issue an executive order eliminating the right to protest against his policies without express permission to do so. He doesn’t mind people voicing their opinion — as is their right — but to outright defy him is not going to happen. This isn’t pansy Obama’s America where people can walk all over him so he’ll sign another stupid trade agreement or deal with Iran.

 Executive order 5619802A reads:

The right to peacefully assemble notwithstanding, the people shall not engage in obstructive, violent or dissident protest against the authority of the President. Executive power in America is hereby absolute by mandate of the people and all who oppose will face consequences for their actions.

Whereas protesters have taken ground on roadways, motorists will not be held accountable for bodily damage or crimes against them for their own negligence. Blocking a sidewalk from pedestrian commuters will be treated the same.

Whereas an individual has openly defied the wishes and commands of his president, incarceration by not less than 5 years and not more than 35 years is warranted. If said defiance includes violence, terms can be doubled. If said violaence is against the state, protesters are willful enemy combatants subject to the laws set forth by congress in the Patriot Act of 2001.

There you have it, snowflakes. Go home and get a job. If you block the highway and get run over it’s your own problem. If I’m walking to work and you stand in my way I get to punch you in the face and keep going. If you’re dumb enough to question the authority of your president you’re going away, and if you just can’t help but throw rocks at cops you’ll land in Gitmo.

THIS is a president people who love freedom can truly get behind.

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