BREAKING: Nancy Pelosi Caught Red Handed Trying To Screw President Trump

While liberals have been spending all of their time attacking President Trump for the things he says and not what he means, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi has been feeding them false information. The scandal, which is a federal offence under USC 2798 Title 18, could land Pelosi in prison for up to 9 years.

An aide close to Marco Rubio told Fox News on the tarmac at Palm Beach International the Pelosi have information such as the location of Paul Ryan’s offshore accounts, transcripts from Anthony Weiner to New Hampshire Senator Jeanne Sheheen and pictures of Kellyanne Conway bathing with what seems to be an emperor penguin. The source, who may or may not work for Senator Rubio, told Chris Wallace:

“Pelosi really screwed up this time. There’s no way she’s not going to jail for this. You can’t just tell the truth about people and expect to get away with it. Those days are over.”

While none of the information is illegal, it’s still a crime because Trump will make sure it is.

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