BREAKING: Mitt Romney And Paul Ryan Caught Working With The Enemy Against Trump

Two major players in the republican party have been caught red-handed conspiring against President Trump behind his back. According to sources who may or may work inside the White House, Romney and Ryan have been feeding media outlets like CNN and the New York Times information that they hope will cast our president in a negative light and turn Americans against him.

 Trump, the most loved president of all time, has poll numbers that suggest more than 72 percent of Americans believe that whatever Donald Trump says and does is in the best interest of America. Romney and Ryan are trying to make the public believe Trump is unqualified and prone to mistakes. According to the source:

“Romney called CNN personally and told them about the mistakes President Trump made on the Yemen mission. The fact that he used bad intel and got Americans killed wasn’t something the American people were ever supposed to know. They were only supposed to know that ultimately, we killed some terrorists. Ryan has been doing the same inside the halls of the House, where impeachment hearings will happen as soon as Trump slips up without being able to cover for it, which could be any day now.”

The objective is to hand the executive branch over to career politician and Republican bigwig Mike Pence, who is far more what the establishment would like to see in power. Pence, who is great at defending his President and makes for an awesome yes man, would gladly take on the role with the unmitigated support Romney and Ryan would offer him.

 The source said Romney would then be appointed Vice-President while Ryan stayed in power as Speaker and that Romney would run for President again in 2020 with Trey Gowdy as his VP. Mike Pence would be named Secretary of State.

Now that they’ve been caught and their little plan exposed, Trump has the option of using executive powers to charge them with treason, but it’s far more likely he’ll keep them around and make them play ball his way instead. This just goes to show you, you can’t win with Donald Trump as President.

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