BREAKING: Michelle Obama’s Sick Twitter Attack On President Trump Proves She Hates America

Former First Lady Michelle Obama has gone too far. While other liberals have been attacking President Trump for things like using the phrase “fake news” as a propaganda tool, attacking the dishonest media in spite of their first amendment rights and working with big business moguls to continue sending the majority of income to job creators where it belongs, she instead went down a personal road she should have avoided, attacking the President’s physical appearance:

By tweeting insults, Michelle Obama has shown that she hates our President, disrespects his office and despises America. The tweet, which was deleted almost immediately, was caught by an intern in the White House Office of Information and Propaganda whose job it is to find things about the Obamas to show the public to try to reduce their favorability rating, which shouldn’t be nearly as high as it is while Trump’s is in the toilet.

The exaggerated hair, orange hue and zombie face aside, she also said she doesn’t want to see him again and called him some pretty horrible names. Sure, he has little respect for women, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t love them and won’t fight for them. He may not like black people as much as Michelle Obama does but in all fairness, he;s not one of them.

Trump responded with a picture of Harambe the dead gorilla and a note that said “your Dad” on Twitter but deleted that as well within a minute before anyone could get a screenshot. Boy was that funny.

Go away, Obamas. You clearly hate Trump and therefore America.

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