BREAKING: The Liberal Media Is Lying To You–Here’s What REALLY Happened With Michael Flynn

The mainstream liberal liars like CNN and the New York Times want you to believe that Michael Flynn resigned his position as National Security Advisor because he “misled Mike Pence and others in the administration about his ties to Russia.” That story is just not true. The White House Propaganda Office just released a statement clarifying what actually happened:

 Contrary to what the FAKE NEWS is telling you, Michael Flynn did not resign over alleged ties to Russia. Those ties were well known to the administration but not significant enough to confirm. Had there been any danger of blackmail involved the administration wouldn’t have gone to such lengths to withhold the correct information from the public.

The truth is, Michael Flynn resigned because President Trump asked him too rather than have a senior staff member dragged through the mud. Irregardless of the truth or non-truth, Michael Flynn is a patriot and would have never given any information to Russian intelligence that was important or eyes only clearance. Not without a really good reason.

General Flynn has been offered a position at the consulate in Moscow where he can continue to monitor Vladimir Putin and report back to US Intelligence.

So, General Flynn isn’t some traitor who misled our Vice President and national security agency, they just decided that the truth wasn’t as big a deal as the fake news media would have pretended it was. So what if Flynn talked to some Russian. If the administration says no harm came of it then no harm came of it.

As Steven Miller reminded us, the power of this president will not be questioned. If the press Secretary says something at the podium, it is 100 percent true. That’s the way things are in Trump’s America, snowflakes…deal with it.

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