BREAKING: KKK Leader Found Murdered Had A Secret That will Have Liberals In Tears

Frank Ancona, the self-proclaimed KKK leader who was found shot and drowned over the weekend had a secret that will have liberals in tears. While they tend to think of “White Supremacists” as some evil group of racists, what they don’t realize is that they are no different from the people who hold up a fist for black pride or wear a red bandana with their homies to show pride for their gang.

 Anconda may have been a member of a group people don’t like, but that doesn’t mean he was an evil person who deserved to be shot and drowned. While investigating his life and his past, authorities found that Anconda was a devout Christian who gave money to his church, knowing that some may make its way to black or Hispanic communities. They also discovered that he has a third cousin on his mother’s side who is married to a Jewish woman and that when he was in grade school, Anconda himself had a black friend who he affectionately called “spearchucker.”

Before liberals go abusing this man and his entire family, maybe they should understand that just because a man has pride in his race doesn’t mean he’s a racist.

Authorities also found signs and banners that said things like “death to all n*ggers” and “black lives splatter” with little cartoon cars running people over, but since he’s dead and a Christian, that stuff should probably be chalked up to a bad decision or two.


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