BREAKING: ISIS Walks Right Past Security At JFK–How Liberals Greeted Them Is SICK

Four known terrorists from Iraq waltzed past security at JFK International Airport this morning because the liberal court made it impossible for the people on duty to do anything about it. New York City Detective Will Munching, who was alerted to the arrival from friends of his in the military, told a tale to The Washington Examiner That is absolutely frightening:

 “The people at JFK knew they were coming but because the liberal courts shut down Trump’s orders there was nothing they could do about it. We have teams of volunteers watching them around the clock but the fact that they’re here at all is just ridiculous.”

Without Donald Trump to safeguard us, we have no defense against these monsters. Detective Munching says there are hundreds of jihadists pouring into our country every day the travel ban is out of commission. What’s worse is the response from liberal “activists” who have shown up at airports across America to welcome “refugees” and give them free food and rides to their new homes. Munching noted:

“I saw a liberal girl with a rainbow shirt smile and hand one of these guys a sandwich. When I told her what he was she said, ‘everyone deserves a chance at freedom.’ Are these people insane?”

Maybe the wonder and joy of living in a free country will change these men’s minds about whatever their mission is, or maybe it will just make them hate us more. One thing is for sure…it would be nice if there was some kind of vetting process in place and not just an open door. It’s almost like the 2 years it took these guys to get a visa was for nothing.

*Update – The men in question were mistaken for terrorists when they were, in fact, engineers employed by Raytheon to work on our missile defense system. Two men behind them, however, who also got free sandwiches, looked far more dangerous and are probably busy right now plotting our deaths.

Liberals who tell you to “stop being afraid or the terrorists win” can go to hell. We’re not afraid, we’re vigilant. It scares us a little bit.

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