BREAKING: Congressional Plot To TAKE DOWN TRUMP Gains Momentum… THIS IS NOT GOOD!

With the plot to impeach Trump losing steam, Democrats – and some Republicans – are taking a different tack.

In the latest scheme to remove Trump from office, Democrats are trying to invoke the 25th Amendment by saying that Trump is mentally unfit to serve. This amendment to the Constitution was ratified in 1967 after the death of President Kennedy. The Democrats leading the charge are some of the usual loons… Al Franken from Minnesota, Ted Lieu from California, and Earl Blumenauer from Oregon.

In essence, they want to produce legislation that would require a psychologist or psychiatrist in the White House.

What??? So a shrink could give his or her opinion that Trump is mentally unfit and he’d be done???

Sounds like they need to pass this law for the Senate first!

The interesting thing here is that some Republicans have also expressed concerns about Trump – and this is the frightening part. Many Republicans such as John McCain, Lindsay Graham, and others would LOVE to see Trump gone and Mike Pence take over in his place.

Please pray for our President. He’s getting it from all sides.

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