BOMBSHELL!! Obama`s CIA Director REVEALED Obama`s Darkest Secret – LIBERALS IN PANIC!!

Democrats and their liberal buddies had a tendency of praising former President Obama so much that you’d get the impression he had never done anything wrong. However, Obama’s former head of the CIA has changed this by revealing information about the former president the media and Democrats would not.

Michael Morrel, who was the director of the Central Intelligence Agency until 2013, appeared on “CBS This Morning” to talk about John Brennan’s hearing in the Capitol when he said this that

Obama did nothing at all to stop Russian interference in the election.

Michael told his boss:

“What struck me…is that the U.S. government was concerned enough last summer about Russian interference in the election that they had the CIA director make contact with his Russian counterpart and tell them to stop.”

“So my question is what did the Obama administration do after that after they learned that the warning had fallen on deaf ears.”

This is an excellent question, Obama really did not do anything to try and prevent the alleged meddling in the presidential election.

“It appears they did nothing,” Morell added.

As long as this question of why Obama did nothing to stop a possible interference by Russia remains unanswered, there will be speculations for Obama’s inert behavior.

Perhaps we will never find, but it is nonetheless of major significance to hear Morell’s opinion on this mega scandal. The people are entitled to the truth and Obama failed to deliver.

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