Malia Obama Rehab Rumors: Report Claims First Daughter May Have Been Sent To Rehab

Malia Obama is rumored to have been shipped off to rehab for her drinking and drug use, one tabloid report claims of the 18-year-old’s three-month absence from the public eye.

Malia has been the subject of rumors for many months, as she has been spotted at drinking parties on college visits and smoking what appeared to be a joint at a concert this summer. But the incoming Harvard University student — Malia was accepted as a high school senior but decided to enroll in 2017, taking a year off — has been relatively quiet in the fall.

The celebrity gossip site reported that Malia Obama could have gone to rehab during the time she wasn’t seen.

“Malia’s been caught up in a lot of scandal, and now she’s been MIA at a lot of family events. People are wondering if she went to rehab or if she’s just hiding out,” a source told the site.

“She’s been an embarrassment to Barack and Michelle, so it’s no wonder they want her out of the picture,” added the source.

The report went on to note that Malia Obama was absent from two recent family outings.

“The Obamas didn’t raise their daughter to behave like this,” the source claimed. “Malia is at that rebellious stage, and doing the opposite of what her parents tell her.”


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