Country Launches New Petition for Obama to Be Their Next President


An extraordinary 42,000 French citizens have signed an online petition begging former President Obama to run for president in the country of France.

Of course, Obama would be ineligible due to being a U.S. citizenship. However, petition organizers claim the document is meant to send a message to current French candidates running for office that they are uninspiring, according to Fox News.

Conservative candidates like former Prime Minister Francois Fillon and the nationalist, far-right leader Marine Le Pen have been favored for their hard-line stances on dealing with the influx of migrants the country is experiencing. However, recent allegations of financial corruption by both of these candidates has plagued their campaigns.

To add to twelve other candidates who do not hold much traction with France’s populace, some citizens have begun hanging American posters with Obama’s face on them to, apparently, instill inspiration. These posters even have the caption “Oui, on peut,” translated as, “Yes, we can.”

“There isn’t one man or woman that we can project ourselves onto, someone we would want to vote for and fight for without hesitation, someone who unites people and has a strong aura,” one of the organizers told The New York Times.

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