BREAKING: President Trump Just Put And End To Fake News Once And For All–Liberals FURIOUS

Liberals are losing their minds over an executive order issued by President Trump that puts an end to their greatest weapon: lies. They call it “news” and it comes in the form of twisted quotes taken out of context. You can find it on such “reputable” sources as CNN, MSNBC and The New York Times.

 No longer will people like Jake Tapper and Rachel Maddow be able to simply take something President Trump or his staff says and use it against them. Negative reporting of any kind is no longer a “right of the free press” if the result causes harm to America or the office of its leader.

Executive order P165O985S reads in part:

So-called “news” organizations shall not, for the purposes of ratings or informing the public for partisan reasons, report negatively on the office of the chief executive for the good of the peace of mind of the American people.

“Partisan” is described as any reporting not in line with the president’s beliefs or the beliefs of the 75 percent of Americans who believe in him.

In essence, the press can no longer make up whatever they want about President trump. If they want to report from the White House, they’ll have to stick to the facts as presented to them by Donald trump’s team or risk time in federal prison.

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