Cop-Hating Kaepernick Just Found Himself In Need Of Immediate Help — Gets WRECKED Instead!

Colin Kaepernick was reaching a high point in his career with the San Francisco 49ers when he decided to go low for an entire season and use his public platform to slander police and disrespect our flag. His sickening decision caused his career to devolve into a bench-warming position. However, now things just got worse for the entitled athlete on a personal level and police officers are getting the last laugh.

After beginning the season as a starter, then sapping up payroll while not being able to perform at his best due to multiple injuries, Kaepernick decided to use all of his down time on the bench for disrespectful sideline antics. The franchise and his team seem to be sick of what he’s done to their image and the fact that he’s not really an asset to offset it. Instead of simply doing his highly paid job of playing a game, he went for the support of anti-police protesters thinking that was more important. His constant rhetoric in standing with the Black Lives Matter movement and against the police who he relies on for protection could cost him, and these race-baiter haters won’t be there to save him.

Rumors began swirling that this once star of the show would soon be let go, and now he’s hoping for a hail mary salvage what he has left with the 49ers, but the damage has already been done. A person who spoke on condition of anonymity, since they aren’t authorized to speak about deals within the NFL, told USA Today that a contract renegotiation is happening, which at best could mean he keeps his job for less favorable financial arrangements than before, or at worst, he’ll be cut from the team. Yahoo Sports feels that the latter is more likely to happen at the end of this all, which is exactly what Kaepernick deserves.

It’s time for celebrities to be held accountable if they can’t keep their mouths shut. The fact that he’s made it this far with his constant divisive messages he portrays in his uniform and on national television, is disgusting enough.Ultimately, the sport will pay the price the disrespectful ones who go uncheck and the only way it can possibly be remedied is for cops to be glorified at games and players to be put in their places. For now, the prospect of him being cut from the team is much-needed vindication for our heroes in blue.

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