BREAKING: New Study Finds Older Conservatives More Likely To Be Like THIS Historical Figure

A study from the Massachusetts Institute Of Librarians And Statistical Studies, one of the oldest research centers in the country, has found that as conservatives get older, they get far wiser than their youthful counterparts. According to the study:

 Older conservative Americans, particularly those who are retired, tend to live longer and learn more than their liberal counterparts. While liberals tend to shut out reality and stop having the ability to learn by age 40, the same can’t be said of conservatives, who remain much more open-minded well into their 80s.

A good example is the climate change hoax. While liberals will take whatever scientists put in front of them as the truth without researching themselves, conservatives tend to take a more skeptical approach, learning about the issue from many sources and even consulting the bible before coming to their own conclusions.

Another example would be gun control. While liberals swoon over statistics about how many people are shot and killed, suicide rates and overall gun deaths as opposed to the rest of the civilized world, consevatives tend to take the understanding that it is people, not guns, who pull triggers. It’s a simple concept far too advanced for the “educated” liberal mind.

While it is true that liberals tend to have substantially higher IQs than conservatives and higher degrees of learning, conservatives have a major advantage in the areas of critical thinking and decision making. The lack of development of the left lobe seems to spark something in more mature people that allows them to reason and understand the world in a far more realistic way.

Liberals think they’re so smart. They think because conservatives are typically harder working people who didn’t spend 10 years in college but instead started their own businesses and families at a tender young age that they’re so much better. This study proves they’re not beyond the shadow of a doubt. The best part is the very last paragraph that describes exactly who older conservatives can be compared to:

Older conservatives are most like Abraham Lincoln. Without a college degree or any pre-conceived notions, Lincoln joined a young Republican party and used his own cognitive abilites to advance American society into the pillar of equality it saw between the 1860s and 1960s, when Democrats decided to force their political agenda on the black community and forced them to revolt against a system that was still working itself out, causing the division we still see on our streets today.

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There you have it. MIOLASS, a research center known for truth and logic that operates out of an office at MIT, just put liberals in their place. Make sure you share this so liberals can see the dull future of droning for “progress” and voting for people like Hillary Clinton that lies ahead.

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