BREAKING: First Democrat Announces A Presidential Run In 2020–Prepare To Laugh Your A$$ Off

It’s no secret that President Trump will sweep the presidential race in 2020. With the highest approval rating among actual voting Americans since Eisenhower, Trump has a 93 percent chance of being reelected. Once you get through the fake news media and polls and talk to the people who matter, there is little doubt that President Trump will be spending a full eight years in the Oval Office.

 That hasn’t stopped one Democrat from announcing a run in 2020. Disregarding how tired the country is of political dynasties, particularly the one she belongs to, Chelsea Clinton has decided that she is somehow qualified to run the country. When you’re done laughing, you can enjoy the statement released from the White House on the news:

President Trump is delighted at the news that he’ll be able to expose the lies of yet another Clinton. While he finds it laughable that someone with no experience whatsoever presumes to be able to do his job, he also looks forward to burying lying Chelsea and her family once and for all.

Clinton hasn’t released a statement yet other than her intentions to run. She is currently working on a 12 part historical biography of her and her family with CNN. There’s nothing like a nice bit of propaganda to jumpstart a presidential campaign.

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