BREAKING: 2 Anti-Trump Liberal Celebrities Were Just Arrested For Being Here ILLEGALLY

Two famous Hillary Clinton supporting celebrities are sitting in an ICE detention center today after it was discovered that they don’t have valid green cards or residency. Ariana Grande’, whose parents never obtained citizenship after coming here from Guatemala and Selma Hayek, whose green card expired eleven years ago, are both facing deportation with little hope of being allowed back in.

 The two women were taken into custody during separate traffic stops in Los Angeles, where they were pulled over after officers noticed they appeared Hispanic and were driving slow so they wouldn’t attract attention to themselves. A spokesman for ICE said in Latino-heavy areas like Los Angeles under the Trump Administration, profiling of that sort is necessary to catch illegals before they are absorbed into the sanctuary city.

Grande, famous for licking a donut without purchasing it, will be deported back to either a South American country of her choosing or Italy, which is where she claims her family is from. Hayek will be sent back to her birthplace in Puerto Rico, where she will be placed at the end of a long list of applicants for re-admission.

A spokesman for the president told NBC News:

“Just because you’re a celebrity doesn’t mean you’re exempt from our laws. Ms. Grande’ says her family is Italian and from New York, but she was caught with a friend from Guatemala and they have nearly identical skin tone. Coincidence? We think not. Ms. Hayek hasn’t denied being Puerto Rican.”

It’s GTFO time in Trump’s America, folks. Maybe with those two gone a couple of nice American girls will be able to step up and get the jobs they rightfully deserve.

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