This is huge! President Trump Makes an Important Announcement Regarding State Powers

During a speech at the National Governors Association meeting, President Trump has announced that he will be giving back a lot of the powers taken away from the states and their governors.

Breitbart reported:

“We’re going to give you back a lot of the powers that have been taken away from states and great people and great governors, and you can control it better than the federal government because you’re right on top of it,” Trump said.

The president delivered a speech at the National Governors Association meeting on Monday.

He explained that more states needed to compete for the best solutions around the country, citing the importance of citizens holding their state governors accountable.

“They know the best how to spend their dollars and how to take care of the people within each state,” Trump said, referring to state elected officials. “And states are different and people are different. So the governors are going to have a lot more decision-making ability than they have right now.”

Trump spoke about other elements of his economic agenda that would help the states, including infrastructure spending, tax cuts, and fairer trade policies.

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