BREAKING: Controversial Letter From Obama To Putin Uncovered (DETAILS)

White House staffers have uncovered proof that Obama was, in fact, the source of the leak with Russia, just as Trump has said. Found on a hard drive that was supposed to have been erased, a letter from then-president Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin directly implicates the traitor for treason.

 The letter, dated just after the primaries, reads:


Info on RNC not what we expected. Will have what you need on DJT long before Nov. 8th. You make sure he doesn’t win and we’ll keep the info flowing.



It appears the Democrats were right. There was a Russian conspiracy to control the election. They just had the players wrong. This letter, which was confirmed to be authentic by the NSA, tells a story that ends with Donald Trump winning the election by even more incredible odds than we thought.

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