BREAKING: George Soros Facing Deportation After Immigration Papers Found To Be FAKED

Liberal hero George Soros, the guy who funds all of their internet trolls and protesters, came to America as a youngster from Hungary. His immigration papers, which he used to apply for America citizenship, have never been questioned. A recent inquiry under the Freedom of Information Act, however, has brought into question the legitimacy of Soros’ papers and whether or not his citizenship is legal at all.

 Soros is a Hungarian Jew whose family bought fake documents saying they were Christians to escape the Nazis. Originally named Schwartz, Soros emigrated to England where he was received as a political refugee. That was in 1947 Soros came to America as an investment banker in the late 1950’s and it looks now like he married an American woman for convenience, even bribing her to have a child so he could get his US citizenship.

He was granted citizenship in 1961, but the papers he used still recognized him as a political refugee, which allowed him to bypass the rules and classes necessary to become a citizen. In short, it looks like Soros cheated and never should have been a citizen at all.

 Here in Trump’s America, these things aren’t taken lightly. When he found out there may be an issue with Soros’ legality, President Trump swiftly signed an order removing Obama’s statute of limitations on investigating old refugee cases. The case was then handed to Jeff Sessions who had INS do an extensive background check. They recently reported back to Trump and just this morning the White House OIP released a statement:

As with most things in his life, George Soros cheated his way into the United States. That means his citizenship is under review and will most likely be pulled. At that time we will have to make the decision whether to deport him to England, which is where his refugee status was legal or to Hungary, where he is a naturalized citizen.

A Soros spokesperson called the move “preposterous” and noted that his marriage to his first wife lasted 23 years, hardly a scam by any stretch. Trump’s Twitter handler and OIP spokesman, Jeff, said the president expressed that he would probably have done the same in Soros’ position…but that doesn’t make it legal.

Other side of the wall for you, George. Oh, and once you’re no longer a citizen your money becomes illegal in our elections, too. Talk about two birds with one stone.

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