BREAKING: Trump Just Took Away Obama’s Main Source Of Income

President Trump and the White House Budget Office have determined that Barack Obama and his family spent more than $9 million they shouldn’t have during their stay in the presidential mansion. Between trips to Andrews aboard Marine One on weekends to play golf and the massive expense of watching his children and protecting them above and beyond what would be considered “typical,” the Obama’s racked up a bill that they could never actually pay.

 So Trump did what every good employer would do: he garnished his wages. Obama’s $600K per year pension will, by executive order of the president, be deposited into the general fund until such a time as the money he wasted flying around on weekends in a big expensive helicopter and sending his kids out for ice cream with 20 armed agents is paid back.

Jeff, the spokesman for the White House Office of Information and Prop0aganda, told Breitbart:

“How this man thought he could just use a taxpayer-funded aircraft to fly around town like he did is insane. And the Secret Service? They had ten times the actionable threats against the Obamas than they’ve ever had before because they were the first black family in the White House, so his answer was to just allow his kids to try to live normal lives when they should have been tutored at home to save the money for all those agents.”

It makes no sense that one family could cost the taxpayers so much money. If any other president tried to pull that kind of thing they’d be impeached, but the bleeding heart liberals just giving him a blank check.

When asked about the situation, President Trump, who was in New York visiting with Melania at Trump Tower, expressed regret that such action had to be taken. His daughter, Ivanka, speaking from Mar-A-Lago and his sons, at a promotional event in Saudi Arabia, said they fully support their father’s actions.

This taxpayer, for one, is happy as can be that Obama is being held responsible. All presidents should be.

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