BREAKING: Obamacare Kills 22 People In Nebraska

22 Americans are dead in Nebraska and Obamacare is to blame. Infected with an especially nasty strain of avian flu, all 22 of these unsuspecting people may have been saved had it not been for the disastrous Obamacare.

 Their story is happening all across the country. People with life-threatening illnesses are being turned away at hospitals and urgent care facilities because either they are late on their massive Obamacare payments or their Obamacare has been canceled. In six of the cases, the patients were refused because they couldn’t afford their deductibles.

Kay McNamara, whose husband died shortly after the emergency room in her hometown of Lintville turned him away, told CBS News:

“It’s been horrible. First our Obamacare premiums skyrocketed to nearly $2000 per month, then they raised the deductible to $12,000. We only have $21,000 a year in income. How is that ‘affordable health care?’ Now I’m left with a funeral bill on top of insurance premiums.”

The emergency room told reporters that they would normally have had to take Kay’s husband, but they’ve been told by Obamacare that if people haven’t paid their premiums that they can’t be treated. According to the Affordable Care Act, people who don’t qualify for employer-based insurance have no choice but to purchase Obamacare.

Don’t let this story happen to you. Go to the comments on our facebook page and tell the world about your horrible experience with Obamacare and how much this thing that was shoved down our throats is costing you. It’s our duty as Americans to expose the terrifying truth.

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