BREAKING: President Trump Just Made Life A Whole Lot Better For America’s Retirees

If you’re a retired American who worked all of your life and are now trying to enjoy your golden years without worrying about if you can afford it, President Trump has good news for you. Your Social Security and Medicare, which were near bankruptcy due to Obama policies, are now safe and sound and will be for many years to come.

 This Monday morning, the Social Security Trust fund will be turned over to private companies trusted by the president for management. The fund, as of now, earns between 0.75 percent and 1.2 percent interest, which is why the cost of living increases have been nearly non-existent during the Obama years. By handing it over to people who know what they’re doing, the interest is expected to rise to as much as 5 percent.

Medicare, which is little more than socialized medicine, will be revoked and replaced with the same system replacing Obamacare. For retirees, that means you’ll receive $5200 per year in tax credits to purchase your own insurance. The White House says competition and free markets will keep the rates down.

This is great news. What it boils down to is more money in your pockets as long as the market stays positive and deregulation doesn’t end in another crash. Trump promised he would keep Social Security and Medicare safe. This is so much better.

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