Woman RAPED By Bill Clinton Confronts Hillary – Look What Happened Next…

Back in the 1970s, Juanita Broaddrick was raped by Bill Clinton in an Arkansas hotel room. Over the next few decades, Broaddrick was threatened and terrorized by Hillary Clinton, who was trying to ensure that she would stay silent about her husband’s brutal crime.

This past week, Hillary once again tried to make herself look like a warrior for women when she said she wants to spend her time fighting against misogyny, which she blames for her loss to Donald Trump in the election. After seeing this, Broaddrick knew she had to speak out to expose Hillary as someone who couldn’t care less about her fellow women.

“As you might guess, I’ve thought about it more than once,” Hillary said, when asked about her defeat in the election. “I don’t know that there is one answer. It is fair to say that certainly misogyny played a role. That just has to be admitted… And you layer on the first woman president over all of that change, and some people, women included, had very real problems.”

Mad World News reported that CNN host Jake Tapper then took to Twitter to promote Hillary’s latest book, which will tackle misogyny and sexism.

Broaddrick immediately fired back to let the world know who Hillary REALLY is.

Broaddrick’s response quickly went viral, as users let her know that they support her.

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