Wikileaks Releases Obama’s VICTIM LIST – Check This Out!

The allegations made by President Trump against President Obama that he wiretapped him during the presidential election has been spreading like wildfire around the media. But no investigation has taken place thus far and it appears that the Senate and House are not moving forward with it. But Wikileaks just exposed the former President for doing the very thing President Trump accused him of doing.

Wikileaks reported that the Obama administration spied on friends and foes. Some of those people include our ally Israel, their Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. Here is a list of others that President Obama spied on,

  1. German Chancellor, Angela Merkel.
  2. Swiss telephones of a Director at the World Trade Organization,
  3. Intercelted top EU and Japanese trade ministers discussing secret strategies
  4. Director of the Rules Division of the World Trade Organization (WTO), Johann Human,
  5. EU and Japanese trade ministers
  6. Five other EU economic officials whitch includes those from France, Austria and Belgium
  7. Italy’s ambassador to NATO

Many of these people are high profile European professionals. Most of which are our allies. Not our enemies. While their is no proof the former President wiretapped the current President their is certainly evidence to indicate he has wiretapped others in the past.

If he was willing to do it to our friends what would stop him from doing it to someone like Donald Trump who he hates? A leopard does not change its spots. It would be naive to think the President did not wiretap Donald Trump during the election given his history. But despite their flagrant attempts Donald Trump still won!

Liberals can not even cheat right! Regardless of everything they did to try and take him down he still triumphed which goes to show you the strength of the man leading this country. It’s only a matter of time before President Obama’s lies are all exposed.

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