Trump Just Shut Down Obama’s Last Secret Executive Order And You’ll Be Glad He Did

Executive orders are funny in that they don’t necessarily have to be disclosed to the people. In the 1960s when Kennedy took control of the food supply, airwaves and petroleum reserves when the threat of nuclear war was imminent during the Cuban missile crisis, nobody knew. It wasn’t until someone found the order in a secret compartment on the Resolute Desk in the Oval Office during the George W Bush administration that the orders, which were never enforced, were legally rescinded.

Apparently Obama did the same exact thing, only his orders weren’t just hidden, they were sent out to people working for the executive branch in dozens of different departments, intended to create havoc within the federal government for years to come. Obama’s orders were found hidden inside the couch cushions of the furniture Trump had replaced with faux gold leaf and classy gold fabric when he arrived, otherwise they may have stayed there and in enforcement for the duration of the Republican hold on congress, which could be as long as 2018, 2020 if they get lucky.

The orders, which have now been cancelled, were for the heads of the accounting department to enter lines for joke items like “Trump’s ego” or “tiny hand warmers” with prices affixed that were actually allotted for other things, like copies of “The Art of the Deal” to be distributed to federal employees as required reading and reimbursement for Isotoner gloves, size small.

While it may seem like these orders amount to nothing but a gag, the Office Of Budgetary Propaganda released a statement saying that the added accounting could have thrown off budget talks, caused strife between the parties and potentially resulted in government shutdown with no explanation as to where the funds went in official channels. Because Obama was president when he issued the orders, he is shielded from prosecution as a president doesn’t answer for crimes committed in the name of the office.

Trey Gowdy has called for retroactive impeachment hearings, but that would mean that Joe Biden would retroactively be the 45th president and Donald Trump’s $14 million investment in things for his penthouse and the White House residence that say “45” would become meaningless.

Once again, just as government was starting to run smoothly, it’s all Obama’s fault.

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