Top Obama Official Caught In $175 MILLION Scandal, But It Gets Much Worse…

It seems like there is no end to the amount of conspiracies hidden throughout the Obama administration. Every day, more information comes out, and we discover that there was someone else involved in corruption.

Janet Napolitano, the former Department of Homeland Security chief, is the next link in the conspiracy chain. She was caught holding on to a staggering $175 million for the school board that she leads, all while asking for more money. It should be noted that she is in charge of the UC system.

The UC school system is affiliated with UC Berkley, where Ann Coulter, Milo Yiannopolous, and Gavin McInnes were denied their right to free speech. All three had speaking sessions planned, and all three were canceled due to liberal rioters. There was not a single Democrat who stood up to let these three people with differing opinions speak to an allegedly bipartisan school.

Fox News reported that the audit found the extra money in a hidden account. It accumulated funds over years when the president asked for extra money regarding different issues. As you would expect, Napolitano denied the claim from the audit. She said there was extra money put aside for “unexpected expenses,” but it was actually ONLY $38 million. You know, JUST $38 million.

One is bad, more is worse. Admitting to wrongdoing, then just saying, oh no it was a lot less money than that doesn’t make it okay. There was other information discovered that quite alarming.

The auditor also found out that one of the top staffers in Napolitano’s office illegally screened confidential surveys from each of the different campuses. If there were any answers that reflected badly on the office, they were changed or deleted entirely. How is it okay that they can do this without any repercussions?

Elaine Howle, the auditor, came out and said that she has never seen anything like this in the 17 years that she spent as an auditor. We should be alarmed that all of this is happening at a school that has become a shell of its former self.

UC Berkley used to be known as the home of “free speech.” Things have changed drastically since that time. If this kind of issue is happening in this school, how often is it happening in other schools across the country? We need a full on investigation to get to the bottom of this. They are obviously using that money for something, perhaps paying rioters to stop the people they disagree with from coming in to speak.

We know that President Trump isn’t going to let this behavior continue. He has been systematically going through and stopping all of the insanity that the Obama administration implemented. He is well aware of what is going on in this country, and we should expect big changes in the future.

Napolitano needs to be punished for assisting with this situation. Criminals should not be allowed to roam freely on our soil — it’s un-American!

The Left has managed to divide us enough, now they are taking it to an all-time high. Justice MUST be served!

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