SHOKING: Mafia Gets REVENGE On Jihadis Planning To Kill Infidels On Christian Bridge (VIDEO)

Jihadis were caught with plans to blow up a famous Christian bridge in hopes of “killing as many infidels” as possible, but they are finding out the hard way not to mess with the mafia. The mafia declared war on radicals last year, vowing to put an end to their reign of terror. Now, they are getting sweet revenge on the scumbags who threatened to blow up their town by taking away the one thing the Islamists love the most.

Three jihadis who entered Italy disguised as migrants planned to blow up the famous Rialto Bridge in Venice, a famous Christian site that draws many American Christians tourists during the Easter season. Police tracked the terrorist cell and caught three of them at the end of March, but now, the mafia has stepped in to send a clear message to all jihadis thinking of doing acts of terror.

“Italian police broke up an alleged jihadist cell in Venice who had celebrated last week’s terrorist attack in London and planned to blow up the city’s famous Rialto Bridge in the hope of killing hundreds of [Christian] tourists,” reported The Telegraph. “A phone intercept caught one of the men telling another: ‘You’ll go straight to paradise because of all the infidels in Venice. Put a bomb on the Rialto [Bridge].’”

Fisnik Bekaj, 24, Dake Haziraj, 25, and Arian Babaj, 27, were arrested in a plot to blow up Rialto bridge and kill as may infidels as possible (left); Rialto Bridge in Venice, Italy (right)

That pissed off the mafia bosses who have been fed-up with the jihadis in the heavily Catholic country, causing them to declare their own war on the Islamists last year. As Daily Mail reported last April, mafia bosses “declared war” on migrants after a man was shot in the head as a deadly turf war broke out with African crime gangs in Palermo. Then, in December, when Islamists wrecked nativity scenes and the liberals caved to their demands, removing the Christ child from the cribs and saying it offended the Muslims, the mafia stepped in and backed a conservative priest who refused to placate the Islamists.

Father Mori, the conservative priest, said, “We cannot renounce our culture and traditions. That would be an unpardonable weakness. I am, for the time being at least, in Italy, not Saudi Arabia.” Now, the mafia is sending a message straight to the Islamists after this terrorist cell was found with plans to kill infidels and blow up the revered Christian site, the Rialto Bridge. Venice is shutting down the only mosque that the Islamists have there within 100 miles. 

“Police near Venice on Friday ordered a mosque attended by members of an alleged cell that wanted to blow up landmarks in the city to close within three days because it was ‘unfit for purpose,’” reports Italian News Adnkronos. This is what the mafia plans to do — shut down as many mosques as they can to preserve their culture and send the jihadi scumbags fleeing in fear. Luigi Brugnaro, the mayor of Venice, supports the exact same hardcore views on handling the Islamists as the mafia. He gave the official order to shut down the mosque for good.

So, along with the mafia’s presence and major support behind the scenes, Venice and other parts of Italy are waging their own war on the Muslim jihadi invaders who refuse to assimilate. Italians across Italy are carrying banners emblazoned with “Verona for Veronese” and reportedly chanting “Italy for Italians,” reports Jihad Watch.

The mafia declaring war on the Islamists has allowed their citizens to fight back against the liberals who protect the jihadis and refuse to recognize the dangers of losing their whole country to Islam. Many may see the mafia as bad guys, but they are on the right side of history here.

Defending their culture and the Christian faith from being trampled on, they will fight fire with fire and make sure those who enter their country understand that they are done with political correctness. If the Islamists were smart, they’d get on the first flight out of Italy; the citizens are on a rampage and they’re backed by some pretty powerful “friends.”

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