Secretary Rex Tillerson Makes MAJOR Move At The State Department!

The State Department intends on cutting 2,300 U.S. diplomats and civil servants — around 9 % of the citizens in its labor force around the world — as Secretary of State Rex Tillerson presses forward with his mission to slash the agency’s budget, based on people acquainted with the topic.

The vast majority of the job cuts, around 1,700, will happen by means of attrition, while the leftover 600 will be accomplished via buyouts, according to anonymous sources, unidentified due to the fact that the decision hasn’t been openly announced. William Inglee, an ex-Lockheed Martin Corp. official and policy adviser in Congress, is managing the budget cuts and consulted senior managers on the program Wednesday, the sources stated.

The staff cuts, which may take around two years to be completed, symbolize the most concrete action taken by Tillerson as he tries to reverse the growth the department experienced by ex – President Barack Obama’s administration and fulfill President Donald Trump’s requirements — pointed out in an executive order signed last month — to cut spending throughout federal agencies. A draft budget outline introduced in March for the fiscal year that starts Oct. 1 seeks a 28.5 % reduction in State Department costs from fiscal 2016.

The suggested cuts reflect a perception shared by most conservatives that the State Department and various other government agencies have developed too much and distanced from their main missions. Tillerson was shocked when he arrived on the job to find how much money the State Department was wasting on housing and schooling for the families of diplomats residing overseas, a source close to him reported.

Tillerson is doing his job very transparently. He visited New York on Friday to chair a United Nations Security Council discussion on how to curb North Korea’s growing nuclear weapons program.

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